About Us

Company Profile

Weronix was established back in 2010 at Bilekahalli, Bangalore, India. We are the best in business with a host of advanced system technology solutions ranging from web development, programming, networking, and domain - hosting management. We specialize in internet and system security, data recovery, e-commerce, search engine optimization, software development, smart phone applications, CMS solutions, graphic designing and web marketing. We have also incorporated advanced cloud technology. We have kept ready a team of support personnel for troubleshooting and customer service on a 24x7 basis. We offer quality products and services to our customers, as their satisfaction is the power and momentum for our growth.

Our Mission & Vision

Our greatest mission and vision in forming this company is to make softwares and information technology available to common man and impart its benefits to all. For that, we have pooled the best in industry experts in computing solutions across Asia, so we guarantee quality services and after sales support in a responsible manner. We are also the best in business outsourcing management. In future, we also plan to impart training and skill development workshops to new comers in this field and make them befitting to the needs of the market.